Hi im new to this. I dont know what to do in a community. Can someone tell me what to do? anyone? im so lost. Can someone please help me?
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Introduction sorta thingy.

Hello minna. I'm Kaori and I'll be playing MakubeX. Yesh, now you guys have a computer brat pretty boy to play with. ^_^ My AIM s/n is kumo kirei and you're welcomed to poke me whenever I'm on.

I look forward to rp with you all~ ^^=
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It's Shido!


Just making my existence known and all. I guess this is the right place. ~~;

Hi! I'm Kate (but I've been saddled with the nickname K-tan for five years now so I tend to answer to that.) I shall be playing Emishi! Huzzah! The AIM SN I use for RPing is Nakao Senri, so if I'm on under that name, I'm not doing anything important and I would love to hear from anyone!

Roleplaying time?

My time here is around the same time as where Kagami is, so please, you two, can we meet around 11:30 AM (my time) on Sunday? My time is +6 or 8 hours; I'm in Asia. IM me so we can roleplay, ne?

Heh, I will try my best in roleplaying Madoka-chan. I hope to see you then!!
Regular Days


I'm back. But seems nothing is moving. ::sigh:: And I can't do anything until something does move.

To Madoka's mun: Since Ginji's technically not around, I can't have him post about the dinner. however when I can get him back, he'll definitely get Madoka something belated.

I hope things aren't over before they've barely got started here. Ah well, scored massive GB doujinshi, so going to read now. Oh yes, I might be a little harder to catch for a chat RP as I'm writing in NaNoWriMo, but if you name a time and place, I'll see about being there.

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I decided on a SIMPLER thing for Madoka's birthday. They'll just have dinner. Considering how I can't get AIM as of now, you can just make up anything and post it on your journal.

It'll just be a simple dinner, with, er, not-so-simple courses. Have fun making up things! Hahaha...